How to commit your apps to ownCloud?

by Ruchita Rathi

I hit several roadblocks while contributing my code to ownCloud app repository.

For my git issues, I also looked at several stackoverflow posts and github’s documentation listed here:

But many thanks to the ownCloud’s helpful developer community (especially @ledfan and @brantje) for handholding me in resolving these issues.

This blog post provides detailed information about the steps for contributing your application to ownCloud.

Step 1: If you dont have a git account, get a free github account at .

Step 2: Start your own repository.

Step 3: Do not commit anything.

Step 4: From the command line, execute the following command:

git init

This initializes an empty Git repository in your web server folder. In my case, the repository was initialized at:


Step 5: Prepare for your initial commit using the following commands:

git add . -A

git commit -m “Initial Commit”

git remote add origin$gitusername/$gitrepository

Step 6: Push your repository using the following command:

git push origin master

The next blog post in this series is about my status update and learnings about the UI for ownCloud’s ReadLater app. I am now reworking the low fidelity mockups to incorporate UI trends like app-navigation based on the issues listed here: ownCloud Design Issues for ReadLater.